About me

My core expertises

Climate Risks and Data Science

With my many years as a climate scientist, I possess a rare and valuable expertise. I have experience both with the physics of climate change and physical climate risk and climate impacts. My work as a researcher used various types of Earth observations (from satellite and ground-based remote-sensing, station data to gridded datasets) as well as process-based models (global and regional climate model). I also possess a strong statistical background and my experience with very large and multi-dimensional datasets (e.g., with temporal and 3-D geospatial components) have allowed by to build strong data analysis skills that are easily transferable to other types of problems.

Parametric insurance solutions Data science at CelsiusPro

Since 2022 I have been heading the Research and Development Team at CelsiusPro. I first joined CelsiusPro in March 2019 as a data scientist and NatCat specialist at CelsiusPro, a company focusing on parametric insurance solutions and digital solutions for insurers and Re-insurers. We manage Weather and Natural Catastrophe (NatCat) observational data, model risk of these events, and provide web applications for visualising and analysing these data as well as automated pricing tools for parametric insurance.

A Strong Background

My career has led me to the University of Oxford and ETH Zurich, where I could learn from world-leading scientist in the fields of climate science.

team member

CelsiusPro Data Scientist

Since 2022 I am heading the Research and Development team at CelsiusPro. Prior to that I worked as a data scientist and NatCat specialist in the company, where we develop platforms and solutions such as risk modelling for parametric insurance.

team member

University of Oxford Postdoctoral Researcher

Using volunteer distributed computing and the weather@home model, I developed a new set of future climate projections for the United Kingdom, with a focus on drought and water scarcity.

team member

ETH Zurich Senior Scientist, Postdoctoral Researcher and PhD student

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